Prickly Pears

Tunisia Tunisia
12.95 AED / Pkt
2 pieces (Approx 250g - 300g)

Prickly Pears

The fruits form from yellow, pink, red, or purple flowers that grow on nopales or green cactus pads, and the thick skin of the fruit is light green and covered in rough bumps and spines known as glochids.
These sharp spines are tiny, hair-like, and difficult to see and are found in the areoles of the skin. Inside the fruit, the yellow flesh is moist with many hard, edible brown-black seeds.

When ripe, Green Cactus pears are juicy and aromatic offering a sweet flavor with nuances of pear and watermelon

Nutritional Value

high in both magnesium and vitamin C and are also a good source of fiber.