Dates Mabroom Box

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215.00 AED / Box
5 kg

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Dates Mabroom Box

Mabroom dates are deliciously sweet and sticky, with light red-bronze skin and a lingering toffee-like taste on the palate. They have a smooth and pleasant flavour but are much firmer than other date varieties. Some may even find them quite hard to chew, like a candy

Nutritional Value

Dates are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamin B complex, and proteins, offering almost all twenty amino acids.

They also contain calcium, iron, magnesium, and more potassium per weight than a banana.

Many of the nutrients in dates are essential for heart-health, nerve function, and promoting metabolic functions, and the vitamins found in dates are needed for building healthy muscle and body tissue

They have a mild sweetness but fierce health benefits. Jam-packed with fiber, potassium, copper and more

They are a healthy snack choice and are a rich source of energy, vitamins and minerals.

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