Banana Lavida Box

Ecuador Ecuador
Brand: BULK

Sweet, healthy and delicious. One of the good choice for breakfast, snacks or any time of the day that help you feel full and keep blood sugar levels stable.

51.00 AED / Box
27% off 70.00 AED
13 kg

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Banana Lavida Box

Bananas have a thick signature-yellow peel when ripe, encasing their soft, cream-colored, semi-starchy flesh.

Nutration Value

Bananas are well known for their potassium content, but they also offer a healthy boost of vitamin B, vitamin C, fiber, and magnesium. They contain three natural sources of sugar – sucrose, fructose, and glucose – and are denser in calories than most other fruits, making them an extremely efficient and sustainable source of energy.

Store bananas at room temperature until they are fully ripe, then refrigerate to extend shelf life.

Shelf life:

  • In the pantry: 2–7 days
  • In the fridge: 5 to 7 days. Refrigeration will turn banana skins black, but will not harm the fruit.