ACAI Complete Set Box

Brand: NEW

Complete selection of fresh ingredients to prepare delicious ACAI at home.

208.00 AED / Box
Approx 5kg

ACAI Complete Set Box

Save more with our new ACAI Complete Set ready-made box. You can now prepare healthy ACAI desserts using selected and fresh ingredients at home.

This set box consists of

-       ACAI Puree 1 Litre

-       3 to 4 kinds of berries

-       3 kinds seasonal fruits such as banana, kiwi and mango

-       3 kinds of nuts such as almonds, pistachio silvered and walnut

-       1 pack Kellogg's Granola Classic 340g

Approximate weight:5kg

*Disclaimer: Above box picture is for reference only. In case of unavailability of product, it will be swapped for a similar alternative just to meet the estimated weight*

Seasonal fruits may vary depending on availability in particular season.

ACAI Complete Set Box

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